About Us
We are an all volunteer steering committee of folks interested in helping Bernie Sanders secure delegates from Washington state to the Democratic Party National Convention. Our group, which will hopefully grow in the future includes Mario Brown, Executive Director of the Washington State Democratic Party Chairs Organization, Chad Lupkes, former Chair of Chairs of the Washington State Democratic Party, Florence Vincent, Washington State Coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America, Carin Chase, Chair of the 32nd LD Democrats, Jonathon Tong, leader with Moveon.org and David Spring, Board Member of the Washington State Progressive Caucus. All of us are also Precinct Committee officers in the Washington State Democratic Party. However, our Washington for Bernie Sanders group is not affiliated with the Washington State Democratic Party and is not affiliated with the official Bernie Sanders campaign.

We welcome anyone interested in electing Bernie Sanders to join our group regardless of their party affiliation. If you have a question or comment for us, feel free to email us at washingtonforbernie (at) gmail (dot) com
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