Did Bernie Just Get an Endorsement from God?
On April 15, 2016, Bernie Sanders was invited to the Vatican by the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis. While Bernie did not get to meet with the Pope, according to one of Pope Francis assistants, the idea for the meeting came directly from the Pope. Apparently, the Pope has been following the US election and felt that Bernie Sanders views on social justice and a "moral" economy was the most similar to his own of any Presidential candidate. For those who may not know, both Bernie Sanders and the Pope have said repeatedly that economic inequality is the great moral issue of our time.

Now it may not matter to most people what the Pope thinks. But I have a lot of good friends who are Catholics. And it matters a great deal to them what the Pope thinks. In fact, one in five Americans or 22% of the US are Catholics. Getting a recommendation from the Pope is almost like getting an endorsement from God.

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Which brings us to the New York primary next Tuesday. Bernie is still several points behind Hillary in the latest polls. Bernie could still win New York even without the Pope's help because Bernie has out-performed nearly every poll in nearly every state by a margin of 10 percent or more. But having a blessing from the Pope just four days before this crucial primary will almost certainly boost Bernie's chances. In New York, one in four people are Catholics and most of them are also Democrats. You can bet that out of respect for the Pope, most Catholics in New York are going to look closely at Bernie's plan to reduce economic inequality and have a more "moral" economy that benefits everyone and not just a few billionaires and bankers.

To Bernie supporters everywhere who were hoping and praying that Bernie might find a way to win New York, this invitation from the Pope was like a miracle from Heaven. It was like God just sent down an email that said "Go Bernie Go!"

Don't forget for all you Bernie Precinct delegates - the Washington State Legislative District caucuses are this Sunday, April 17th. See you there. As always, we welcome your questions and comments.

David Spring
Washington for Bernie Sanders
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