How You Can Help Bernie Sanders Win in Washington State!
This video is a 66 minute presentation on how to help Bernie Sanders win the Washington State Democratic Party Caucuses. It includes information on how the Washington State Democratic Party is organized, how the caucuses are organized, how to find and attend your legislative district monthly meetings and how to become a Precinct Committee Officer for your local community. Here is a link to the video:

Here is a link to the article referred to during the video.

If you would like to hold a training event in your community, feel free to contact us.
David Spring M. Ed.
Washington for Bernie Sanders (dot) com
springforschools (at) 

This event was led by David Spring, M. Ed. Former Training Advisor to the King County Democrats, Board member of the Washington State Progressive Caucus and member of the Washington for Bernie Sanders steering committee.  

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How to find your Precinct and Legislative Democratic Party District Meetings:

Enter your name and birth date. The next page has your precinct name and number. Then click on “My Districts and Elected Officials” in the lower left side menu. This will indicate which legislative district you live in. Then do a Google search for “X District Democrats”. This should bring up a website with information on the time and location of your LD monthly meetings.bernie flier footer your social media marketing partner