The Biggest Lie of Them All
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." Joseph Goebbels

Since Hillary Clinton recently accused Bernie Sanders of lying, it is time to consider some really big lies. We voters are getting used to being lied to by the main stream corporate media. But the lies seem to be getting bigger all the time. For example, on March 31, 2016, Hillary Clinton responded to a Greenpeace Activist by accusing Bernie Sanders of lying about Clinton taking bribes (campaign contributions) from the fossil fuel industry. Here is a video of Hillary attacking the Greenpeace worker. This video has now been seen by more than 2 million people.

It turns out that not only has Hillary been taking bribes from oil company lobbyists - but they are her biggest "bundlers" which means people who gather up millions of dollars of donations. These bundlers include lobbyists for Exxon, BP and Chevron. Hillary's campaign is basically being financed by Too Big to Fail Wall Street Banks, Climate Polluting Oil Corporations, the Military Industrial Complex and terrorist producing foreign governments such as Saudi Arabia.


So Greenpeace and the Sanders campaign have a reason to be concerned. But Hillary's Big Lie was not the biggest lie of the week. That honor goes to the hundreds of news stories on April 1 2016 about how our economic recovery is just around the corner because "215,000 new jobs were created in March 2016." I know what you're thinking - maybe the glowing jobs report was just an April Fools Day Joke. If it is, the joke is on us.

Here is a quote about the economic miracle hiring boom from the Washington Post:

"The nation’s hiring boom continued its momentum in March, with government data released Friday morning showing the economy added 215,000 jobs last month. Employers have been bringing on workers at a rapid clip for the past two years, and the strengthening job market is encouraging many people who had been on the sidelines to start looking for work."

This is an example of the April 1 2016 glowing headlines about this jobs report:


The so-called "new jobs" come from a survey of employers called the Establishment Survey. This survey includes any new job where any new worker worked more than one hour per week.

The 215,000 new jobs included 48,000 new retail jobs. A reasonable question is how all these new retail jobs were created when retail sales have been flat and many retail stores have been closing? The answer is that full time retail jobs were converted into part time retail jobs in order to save retailers money on paying benefits. At the same time that we gained 48,000 part time retail jobs, we lost 30,000 full time manufacturing jobs to sweatshops in China thanks to unfair trade deals like the TPP.

The important thing to understand is the ridiculous definition the BLS uses for a job. BLS does not actually define Job or New Job in their Glossary of important terms. They do however have a term called Employed Persons. One might normally think of an employed person as someone with a full time living wage job of more than 35 hours per week. You would be wrong. Here is the actual definition of a job: "Persons 16 years and over in the civilian noninstitutional population who, during the reference week, did any work at all (at least 1 hour) as paid employees;"

So if you worked even one hour during any week in the month of March 2016, you had a job and were counted as part of the 215,000 new jobs!


You can get an idea of the ratio of total jobs to jobs with 35 or more hours by looking at the Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey Annual Averages. For the year 2015, this showed a total of 121 million full time workers with 106 million full time workers working more than 35 hours per week. The same table shows there are also 27 million part time workers and 7 million people looking for work each week. Table A8

To get the real employment rate, we need to divide this 106 million full time workers by the civilian population. This can be seen by the BLS Table (Employment Status of Civilian Population over the age of 16):

This table shows the US population in 2015 was 251 million and rising by about 2 million people per year. It then shows a "civilian labor force" of 157 million. 94 million American workers are not in the civilian labor force. It then shows 149 million workers as being "employed." But which definition for employment is being used? The answer is that the 149 million includes the 121 full time million workers with 106 million working more than 35 hours per week plus the 27 million part time workers who are working one or more hours per week.

The civilian labor force includes all people who are classified as employed or unemployed. To be unemployed, you had to be actively looking for work in the previous week. The unemployment rate (which is now 5 percent) is the number of officially unemployed people divided by the civilian labor force. In other words, it is 7 million people actively looking for work divided by the 149 million people who are working one or more hours per week.

What is ignored in the unemployment rate is not merely the 93 million American workers, ages 16 and older, who have given up all hope of ever getting a real job - but also the fact that of the 149 million people working one or more hours per week, only 106 million have a job working 35 hours or more per week.

When we add back in the 93 million invisible unemployed workers, the real denominator becomes 251 million real workers. Then divide this by 106 million workers who have a full time job of 35 or more hours per week. 106/251 = 42% is the real full time employment rate. This makes the real unemployment rate or the rate of people without a full time job 58%. This is a dramatically higher rate of unemployment than the 5% claimed by the corporate media and even much higher than existed during the depths of the Great Depression.

The real question is not how many jobs are created each year, but how many full time jobs are created each year. For the real number, go to the following link:

Then scroll down and click on Table 8. Do this for several years and you will come up with the following table:


Total Workers

Workers with Full Time Jobs

Workers with No Full Time Jobs





































Here is a graph of the above table:


In short, since 2007, the total workforce population has increased by 19 million workers. The number of real full time jobs has not increased at all. It was 107 million full time jobs in 2007 and is still 106.6 million full time jobs today. This means that 19 million more workers lack full time jobs today compared to 2007.

There was an increase of about 10 million full time jobs since Obama took office in 2009. But there has also been an increase of 16 million workers since 2009 meaning that an additional 6 million people have been unable to find a full time job since Obama took office.

Having more than 50% of all American workers unable to find a full time job is an example of what Bernie Sanders calls the "rigged economy." There is nothing to celebrate when thousands of full time jobs are replaced by part time jobs while 30,000 more full time jobs are shipped to sweat shops in China.

The final question is why the corporate media is acting as cheerleaders for our broken economic system when our real economy is in the ditch. The answer of course is to manipulate people into thinking that Bernie is wrong when he talks about a rigged economy. There has been no economic recovery. The Economic Boom is the Biggest Lie of All.

In fact, there will not be any economic recovery until our nation ends the ridiculous Trickle Down Job Killing Trillions of Dollars in tax breaks for the rich. Only then, can we afford to rebuild our crumbling roads and schools - a task which will create millions of good paying full time jobs all across America. This is what Bernie's political revolution is all about.  

The moral of this story is to stop listening to the Main Stream Corporate Controlled media and start seeking out alternative sources of news. The only cure for the big lie is the real truth. As always, we look forward to your questions and comments.

David Spring
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